Quosa for the MGH Community

Treadwell Library is pleased to offer, to the MGH Community, access to QUOSA Information Manager, a desktop application used to manage your personal biomedical literature (articles and internal documents) collection.

To start using this product, download QUOSA Information Manager for PC or QUOSA Information Manager for Mac using the appropriate link below and then register online. Please include your full name, Partners email address and the name of your P.I. (or department) on the registration form.

QUOSA Information Manager for PC (downloads installation file)

QUOSA Information Manager for Mac (downloads installation file)

Treadwell Library offers introductory QUOSA classes for MGH staff who are getting started with the software or simply need a refresher. To request an individual or group session, please complete the question form on our Ask Us! page or call 617-726-8605. 

What is QUOSA?

QUOSA is software for searching, analyzing, monitoring, and organizing the biomedical literature and your personal PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoint slides.

QUOSA enhances PubMed and Ovid MEDLINE searching and what you can do with the results.

PubMed/Ovid MEDLINE:
• Links to MGH and HMS eJournals. Each full-text article is retrieved separately.

PubMed/Ovid MEDLINE with QUOSA:
• Retrieves and stores all available full-text articles at one time.
• Displays the sentences where key terms are found within the citation.
• Provides easy update of a search on your schedule.

PubMed/Ovid MEDLINE:
• Searches keywords in the abstract, MEDLINE fields, and MeSH headings.

PubMed/Ovid MEDLINE with QUOSA:
• Allows for easy, powerful searching within the retrieved results.
• Suggests other key concepts that you might add to your search.

With QUOSA you can search shared drives for documents, PDFs and slides.

With QUOSA you have a seamless link between your PubMed/Ovid MEDLINE citations and your citation manager.

QUOSA User Resources:

Treadwell's QUOSA LibGuide

User Guide for PC

User Guide for Mac


For additional information or training, please Ask Us! or call 617-726-8605.