Proxy Server Access to Treadwell Library's Electronic Resources

Treadwell Library now provides access to its electronic resources (ejournals, ebooks and databases) through a proxy server. This means you can access these resources from any computer anywhere! Here are some things to know:

  1. The proxy server will authenticate MGH users. People who are not MGH employees, students or patients will not be able to access Treadwell Library's resources.
  2. You will need to go to Treadwell Library's home page to access the library's resources. Clicking on the links on our ejournals web page will pass you through the proxy server. Similarly, clicking on Ovid and PubMed on our home page will also pass you through the proxy server. You will then be authenticated for access to the ejournals you link to via Ovid and PubMed. (Bookmarks and Favorites for ejournals and databases may eventually stop working).
  3. To access a Treadwell library resource, you will be prompted for your Partners logon name and password. You can then access any resource during your session without logging on again.
  4. For MGH staff without logons, patients and their families: Ask the staff at Cancer Resource Room or Blum Patient and Family Learning Center how to logon. (Only available while on the MGH campus)
  5. If you are unable to logon via the proxy server, please fill out the form that will appear on you computer screen.
  6. The proxy server will not change how you access Partners' resources (e.g., Handbook).

Questions? Ask Us!